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Hiking Sneakers Vs Hiking Boots

Written by Keen | originally appeared here
“Hitting the trail” can mean lots of different things—a leisurely walk with the dog, a steep, fast scramble, or backpacking on long treks. One trail shoe usually* does not fit all.
Your ideal go-to hiker comes down to the type of hiking you typically do. Are you an unplug-for-an-hour kind of adventurer or do you spend from sunrise to sunset chasing a peak or overlook? Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right level of “hike” in your next hiking shoes.
  • Flexible design
  • Lighter and faster
  • No backpack or a light backpack
  • Spontaneous hiking
  • Other activities, such as biking
  • Trail to town versatility
  • Urban-based fun
  • Family hiking
This is the ultimate crossover. You can lace them up when you leave the house and basically be ready for any adventure that comes your way—on the trail and off. They feel more like sneakers than classic hiking shoes, so they transition to any activity and outfit.
  • Sturdy design
  • Stability plate for rough terrain
  • All-day/multi-day hiking
  • Wearing a backpack that weighs 25lbs or more
  • More protection from the elements
  • That extra badassness
  • Luggy traction
  • Bagging peaks
Think built up, rugged, and durable. These are classics for a reason. They give your feet hardcore protection and support for miles.