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Self-Care Tips to Soothe Aching Feet at Home

Written by Catherine Moyer, DMP - Medically reviewed by a board certified physician | Originally appeared on Very Well Health You're not alone if your feet ache after a long day at work or play. It happens to most people when you overdo it, but there are factors that can make you more prone to getting sore feet. Learn about the causes and prevention of sore feet and how to soothe them. Common Causes of Aching Feet Abnormal foot anatomy: Common...
How to have healthy feet

Exploring the natural beauty of New Zealand's South Island

Written by Aleksandar Jason | Originally appeared on Merrell Aleksandar Jason is a photographer with an eye for adventure. On a recent trip to New Zealand, Aleks packed a pair of Moab 2 hiking boots, and set off to uncover the beauty of New Zealand’s South Island. First up, Milford Sounds. Setting off in an RV, the drive through the snow-covered region is spectacular, even as darkness falls. After a few hours’ sleep, it was a magical experience...
@aleksandarjason rocking a pair of Moab 2 by Merrell New Zealand

Tour De Fiords: A lesson In Vision & Self-Belief

Written by Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor | Originally appeard on The North Face In July 2018, a team of four set out to cover the wild territory between Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound on New Zealand's South Island by foot and packraft. The team consisted of a ragtag crew of every day adventurers, each bringing their own strengths to the team - Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor, Coralie Fleming, Nick Whitelaw and Dan Haley. After a tumultuous time in the...
Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor Paddling through the the wild territory between Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound on New Zealand's South Island

Matto Barfuss – Artist, Wildlife Filmmaker, and Part-Time Cheetah

Written by Birkenstock | Originally appeared on Birkenstock Matto Barfuss, successful wildlife filmmaker, achieved fame in the 1990’s after spending months living among cheetahs. Wild at heart, he describes himself as “crazy, in a good way”, even going so far as to select “Matto” (Italian for “crazy”) as his professional name. He has a simple message: that we can learn from nature and animals. We caught up with Matto in the Kalahari Desert in...
Matto Barfuss getting up close with a cheetah in the wild

Race Recovery with Ida Nilsson

Written by Ida Nilsson - Salmon Trail Running Athlete | Originally Appeared Salomon IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE RACE For short races like a vertical kilometer or a 10-20 km trail race, where we go hard and maybe accumulate some lactic acid, it's nice to do a short cooldown after the race and some stretching. After longer races like a marathon or even an ultra-marathon, of course we don't want to cool down and there is no benefit with it either. I...
Running with Salomon shoes

Liquid of Life

Written by Olukai | Appeared on Olukai Throughout time immemorial, human beings have associated rain with life, growth and renewal. It nourishes our natural environment, waters our crops, and provides fresh drinking water for our communities. Rain is the cornerstone of life. In Hawai‘i, home to Mount Wai‘ale‘ale on the island of Kaua‘i, one of the rainiest places on Earth, rain is a natural part of daily life. Across the Aloha State, fleeting...
Collette Leimomi Akana tending to her garden in a pair of Pume Hulu WP Boots by Olukai

The Grand Canyon

Words and Photos by Enocha Tellus | Originally Appeared on Teva I never realized how beautiful Arizona is. The fact that people living here get to see these miraculous views everyday has me in awe. I wasn’t always an outdoorsy person, but as the years roll on I find myself connected more with nature and all its beauty. My Teva sandals have been perfect for all my adventures, and from the airport to the mountains, I have styled them so many...
Enocha Tellus at The Grand Canyon

FRANKiE4: Healthier Footwear for Health Professionals

Written by FRANKiE4 Footwear | Originally appeared on FRANKiE4 Footwear Doctors, nurses, all medical professionals - this is for you! At FRANKiE4, we appreciate how hard it can be tending to others while on your feet all day - and on super long shifts, at that! Your body is precious cargo and wasn’t designed to be standing on hard, flat surfaces all day long. Couple this with wearing non-supportive footwear, this can seriously affect your joints...
Kendall by FRANKiE4 Footwear

Kanna // Unleashing The Supernatural You

Written by Vivobarefoot | Originally appeared on Vivobarefoot Breathable, vegan materials provides a soft, seamless fit, creating a strong foundation for powerful movement. Enjoy skilful barefoot movement with a minimal sole to unleash enriched sensory feedback, naturally shaped for restricted foot-freedom. Each foot has as many nerve endings as your hands it would be a shame not to use them... If you practice yoga, love Pilates, dance or simply...
The Kanna is a stripped back vegan movement shoe with a stretchy breathable mesh sock.

6 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Written by Emily Collie | Originally appeared on Melbourne Girl I’ve just returned from my second global adventure to Italy and I wanted to share with you all, the best places to put on your bucket list travel itinerary. As a travel blogger (who’s been in the game for 8 years), I’ve had the pleasure of exploring many countries and cities around the world, and Italy is up there with the best of them for a holiday! Here’s my insider guide to the...
6 Best Places to Visit in Italy
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